Monday, June 20, 2016

Muscle Confusion

Our bodies are amazing, they adjust quickly to our workouts, which is why programs like P90X has "Muscle Confusion". Muscle Confusion keeps our bodies from getting to used to our workouts by changing our routines once a month, so we don't plateau, and we see results.

I recently found out another way to confuse our bodies, when using dumbbells. It's simple, just balance on one foot while performing an exercise. For example, if you're doing Bicep Curls, just raise one foot. Balancing on one foot makes the dumbbells feel heavier, and it also engages your core, so you're working your abs at the same time.

Be careful though, safety first, because you don't want to injure your back. Drop your weight few pounds if you need to.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Pull Ups and Chin Ups

Pull ups and chin ups are a great body weight exercise, and is a great way to workout your back, biceps, triceps, and chest. However, they are an intimidating and take a lot of energy to do them, I know from experience. I've thrown up twice exercising (gross!), and both times the routine that day included pull/chin ups.

If you can't do many pull/chin ups, or none at all, don't worry. I did a google search about pull/chin ups, the military says male recruits need to do only 3, and females are not required to do them.

If you want to include pull/chin ups in your routine, or already have them in your routine, and are having problems doing them, here's a great tip. If you have workout bands, they can be used to help perform pull/chin ups. Just hang the band on the bar, put your foot in the handles, and perform your pull/chin ups. It helps with full range of motion, you can straighten your arms at the bottom of the pull/chin up, and pull yourself back to the top easier.

Once you master pull/chin ups with bands, you can stop using the band and perform a full pull/chin up without them.