Tuesday, January 2, 2018


It's January 2nd, so before I start, Happy New Year! I hope 2018 will be a great year!

I spent the last few months filming some workouts for youtube, but for some reason I can't upload them. I have no idea what's going on, because it's the same camera and program I've used in the past. When it comes to technology, things are always changing, so who knows? Anyway, despite the technology issue, I'll continue blogging.

As I continue to watch and read fitness and nutrition information online, a few months ago I started eating more of a plant based diet, because of a documentary I watched on Netflix called, "In Defense of Food". It says to eat more plants and use meat and cheese for flavor. Also something else I'm doing, is juicing. You know what's funny, when I moved to where I currently live, about 13 years ago, my Mom gave me a juicer, but I never used it until last October.

I'm hooked on juicing! I'm usually at the grocery store a couple times a week buying fruits and vegetables. I found an article that explains 9 Benefits of Juicing that you can check out. One thing I've noticed juicing, is how dark my skin is, despite living in Canada and it's winter. I look like I just came back from a vacation in Florida.

If you've never juiced before, just a tip, to go easy on the fruit, because fruit has more sugar then vegetables. You'll want to use more vegetables, so fruit, like meat and cheese, in the documentary, "In Defense of Food", should be added for flavor.


If you're interested in, "In Defense of Food", here's the trailer: