Saturday, July 1, 2017

Positive and Negative of a Rep

If you've been reading my blog, you can tell, I'm constantly educating myself more and more when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Recently I've been watching videos on youtube about the importance of focusing on both the positive and the negative when it come to doing a rep.

For example, take a bicep curl, the positive movement is bring the dumbbell, workout band, or whatever you're using, up to your shoulder. The negative movement is bring it back down. I think out of natural reaction, we focus more on the positive, then the negative. We bring the weight or band up slow, then bring it down fast to complete the movement. According to some fitness experts, the negative is more important, and should be done slow to really see results. It also it a way for us to control the weight the entire rep.

I've started focusing more on the negative during my workouts, and workouts I've been doing for years and can breeze through, are now exhausting! A few years ago I posted some of my own beginner workout videos on youtube. I've always wanted to post some more advanced workouts. With focusing on the negative now, I'm ready to film and post some advanced workouts on youtube, so stay tuned! When they're on youtube, I'll post the links here.

(Update September 7th) I'm still planning to post some advanced workouts, I've just been waiting for the fall weather gets here, so when I'm filming, the window air conditioner doesn't have to run. If you have a window air conditioner, you know how loud they are, and I didn't want to be talking over it. I live in Canada, so fall gets here faster than in America. Temperatures have cooled off a bit, and I took the air conditioners out this morning, so I can get started.