Saturday, July 23, 2016

Chest Flys, Dumbbells vs. Cable

I'll stick with an injury theme.

When you exercise regularly, you'll deal with injuries or pain due to over use, that's just how it goes. It's a good trade off from dealing with being sick, and/or over weight. I mentioned in May, I was dealing with a sore left shoulder. I have a gut feeling, it's due to doing Dumbbell Chest Flys.

Reading about Dumbbell Chest Flys, yes they can irritate your shoulders, because they put too much pressure on your shoulders when your arms are at the bottom of the movement, at our sides. I enjoy Dumbbell Chest Flys, and didn't want to stop including them in my chest exercises. After thinking about it, I was wondering if Cable Chest Flys were better for our shoulders. According to this article, they are! Performing them while standing, is better for our shoulders then lying down. Plus the tension is constant during the entire movement when using Cables, compared to Dumbbells, when there's no tension when the Dumbbells are at the top of the movement, above our heads.

I don't have a Cable Gym, but I do have a lot of workout bands and a door anchor, which works the same as a Cable Gym.

You can read more about the difference between Dumbbell Flys and Cable Flys here:

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Last month I tore my left calf running to First Base in a Slow Pitch Softball game. I couldn't play for 2 weeks, and I've had to cutback on jogging outside. I'm almost back to 100%, but I've done some indoor jogging on the spot, and online spinning class, while I wait to jog outside again.

I've had an exercise bike for a couple years, but other then using it to warm up my legs, before I did a leg workout, I didn't use it much. If you're similar to me, and rehabbing a leg injury, or just looking to use your exercise bike more, I found 2 great 20 minute Spinning Class workouts on youtube:

One wasn't enough, so I did them back to back, and could really feel I worked hard after I was done. The next day is always the key, and my legs were sore, in a good way, so it was a great replacement for jogging.

I'll go ahead and address what we all are thinking in the first workout. Funny, how they always have to put the woman with the biggest chest right in front of the camera. I'll just leave it at that, but doing the workout, you're focused on cycling, so it isn't a distraction.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Shorts or No Shorts over Tights

If you're Canadian, like I am, Happy Canada Day. Our country is 149 years old today. Next year is the big 1-5-0! If you ask me, I don't think Canada looks a day over 125.

One of the fun things about being active is buying all the gear that goes along with it, like clothes, accessories, and equipment. As mentioned, I play Flag Football in the Fall. A lot of the guys, myself included, wear tights under their shorts while we're playing. I find they're easier to play in then sweat pants. They're also great for jogging when it's cold outside.

I personally think guys should wear shorts over their tights, but I see some guys jogging who don't. I guess it's a debate on some websites.

To each their own I guess. I'll just say, I'm happy all the guys in my Flag Football League wear shorts over their tights.