Thursday, March 29, 2018

God's Food Laws

With families getting together soon to celebrate Easter, which includes eating ham, it's time for me to get a little controversial. 14 months ago I decided to read the Bible, again, cover to cover. A few years ago I read the Bible cover to cover, and used one of those "read the Bible in a year" programs. It's good to be on a program, but it made for me rushing through it at times, in order to stay on track and get it done in a year. This time I decided to read the Bible at my own pace.

With a new found interest in nutrition, when I got to God's Food Laws in Leviticus, I took notice. Here's a great resource for which animals are considered clean and unclean to eat according to God:

Looking at the list, I'm sure people would agree with most of it, who would want to eat a cat or a horse? However there's a few animals many won't, like pork and shellfish. Bacon is everyone's favorite, who doesn't love the taste!? Also shrimp and lobster are very good. I decided to look into things further. What makes them unclean? I did a youtube search and I found this about pork:

I was grossed out watching that, and stopped buying pork at the grocery store, and ordering it while eating out, on the spot!

I found out shellfish are similar to pigs. They hang around the bottom of the sea and eat all the waste left behind by the other fish. They eat human waste, that we flush, as well. Disgusting! Shellfish, in fact, are the insects of the sea, so eating them, is like eating unclean bugs. I was grossed out again and stopped. Pigs and Shellfish are nature's garbage cans, they were put on the earth to keep it clean.

I've realized animals on the clean side, eat healthy, like grass, grains, plants, fruits, vegetables, etc.. Animals on the unclean side, will eat anything or hang around in unclean environments.

I've heard it from friends and family who are Christian, that because of the New Covenant, those Food Laws have been done away with. They point to the books of Matthew and Acts. Looking into that further as well, I disagree. In both books, if you keep reading, it's explained. In Matthew, Jesus was talking about the Jews hand washing tradition. In Acts Peter saw a vision from God about spreading his Laws to Gentiles. I personally don't see where the Food Laws were done away with.

As I slow the aging process down by eating right and exercising, it makes sense to me, when eating meat, to eat the animals that eat healthy. I now keep in mind, when I eat meat, I'm eating what those animals eat. Personally I don't want to eat animals that eat crap, literally!

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